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Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

- I’m allowed to take up space.

- My past is not a reflection of my future.

- I am strong enough to make my own decisions.

- I’m in control of how I react to others.

- My only job is to learn and grow.

- I’m courageous and stand up for myself.

- I will succeed today.

- I deserve to forgive, and I deserve to feel joy.

- I’m worthy of love.

- I love myself deeply.

- I’m more at ease every day.

- I’m calm, happy, and content.

- My life is a gift and I appreciate everything I have.

- I surround myself with positive people who will help bring out the best in me.

- I don’t need someone else to feel happiness.

- I’m allowed to take time to heal.

- All is well.

- The point of life is balance, not perfection.

- I choose only kind words for myself and others around me.

- My potential to succeed is limitless.

- I’m doing my best and that is enough.

- I have the power to create change.

- I know exactly what to do to achieve success.

- I choose to be proud of myself.

and the most import:


Have all good days ahead.


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Ruel Drl
Ruel Drl
Aug 20, 2023

Amo tudo desse site

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